Premium Beef Protein

Why beef protein?

Beef protein is preferred by many people because of its high Biological Value (BV) and the fact that it contains no fats, no sugars or other carbohydrates. Beef protein is also easier to digest than other protein alternatives and this is especially important to those who may be dairy intolerant.

​What makes anamino so special?

Anamino Beef Protein is hydrolysed, meaning that it has been broken down using hydrogen and oxygen to create more easily digestible chains of aminos. The high availability of these aminos and the absence of filler, fats and carbohydrates promotes more rapid absorption of protein into the body.

​Anamino is a premium product. It contains 96% protein as compared to 60 – 80% in most other hydrolysed beef protein products.

Aanamino Beef Protein is also processed to ensure that it dissolves easily, even into clear liquids, and has a very low and neutral taste profile, making it perfect to add to normal drinks, smoothies and food recipes without the need to “cover” with extra flavouring. 

​Why do we need protein?

Anamino is primarily targeted to the nutritionally educated, sport-active person from 15 years old with high-performance expectations. These consumers require a lot of protein for muscle building and recovery.

​What makes anamino different and why you should use it even if you are already on a high protein diet.

The answer is the very high Glycine and Proline content. Glycine is the “building block” amino that joins other aminos together to form proteins in your body. Other protein powders like whey typically have low Glycine levels and your body, on its own, cannot even make enough Glycine to construct its own collagen. Therefore adding extra Glycine can help your body convert more of its overall amino

intake into proteins to build new muscle, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Proline is often taken separately as an extra supplement by athletes. It not only contributes to muscle and other tissue development but also serves to protect that muscle from being broken down and reprocessed by the body – as can occur if athletes are over-training when healthy or under-training as may be the case during illness or injury.  Anamino also contains large amounts of Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine (absent in many other protein sources), essential for collagen production in cartilage, skin and connective tissue.