Fresh orange juice – serves four

8 – 10 large oranges
20g fresh ginger
handful mint leaves
8 – 12 teaspoons PeptiPlus Pure or Anamino Collagen

wash, peel and halve the oranges and remove seeds.
peel ginger.
add oranges, ginger and mint to a blender or juicer.
*you can filter the juice if using a blender.
mix in the PeptiPlus Pure Collagen and/or Anamino Protein.
serve as is, or over ice.

You can add your daily dose of PeptiPlus Pure Collagen and/or Anamino Protein to any hot drinks – coffee, tea, herbal tea, hot water & lemon etc.

All products have a very faint & neutral taste – dissolving easily into hot or cold foods & beverages.

No fillers, flavourants, additives or preservatives.

Hypoallergenic – dairy free – sugar-free – fat-free – gluten-free – halaal certified