“I have been using PeptiPlus Pure Collagen for a couple of months now. It is the first supplement that i have been able to continue using because it fits into my life so easily and I can just add it to my tea, coffee, oats or yoghurt without any change in taste or consistency. Within a month I was receiving compliments on my skin, and my hair is also feeling better, my ponytail is thicker and I noticed this week that I have a lot of hair regrowth coming through too, which I haven’t had in a very long time.”

Shelley Robertson

“I take my PeptiPlus Pure Collagen every morning with my Vitamin C and I feel full until lunchtime! My skin has improved, wrinkles have smoothed out and my hair is looking and feeling healthy, shiny and strong. Also, after years of aches and pains in my shoulder joint, the pain has subsided completely and the mobility has definitely improved.”

Margie Cowling

“I am 87 years old and never has my skin looked or felt so good. My scalp is smooth with no more sunspots and I’m comfortably walking 2-3kms a day. All thanks to PeptiPlus Pure Collagen”

Ronald Usher

“Since taking PeptiPlus Pure Collagen, I haven’t had a flare-up of my diverticulitis and my tummy problems seem to have disappeared. My nails also seem to be growing well, and aren’t so brittle.”

Penny Cobbledick

“My skin cancer spots have all disappeared since I’ve been on PeptiPlus Pure Collagen and I’m definitely not bruising as badly.”

Keith Williams

“I’ve definitely noticed a change in my skin – it’s a lot clearer and smoother. The powder is well priced and lasts a long time. I’m glad I’m using it.”

Kim du Plessis

“Having always struggled with thin, brittle nails I have seen a huge improvement in the strength and health of my nails, since using PeptiPlus Pure Collagen. I simply add it to my morning smoothie or coffee.”

Sherry Turner

“Both of my old pups have had the cruciate ligament operations in the last 3 years and they were constantly struggling. However, after having them on Peptine Pro Collagen for about 2 months I can already see an improvement in their mobility. Added bonus being that their coats are looking shiny and healthy!”

Sandy Turner

“After suffering with severe kidney issues, stomach problems and thyroid and parathyroid malfunction for an extended period of time I feel revitalised after taking Pure Repair Collagen and Protein for only 2 months. Thank you SHOPCOLLAGEN! You saved my life!”

Glenda Du Toit

“I constantly struggle with bloating and a very uncomfortable gut. I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and IBS.
My daughter recommended I start using this product and what a lifesaver it has been. I have less cramping and very minimal bloating after meals now. It’s super easy to use, as I just add it to whatever I am cooking for dinner. (Sneaking in a dose for my husband too.) Happy to be on such a wonderful product.”

Candice Fourie

“I suffer from ulcerative colitis and taking a combination PeptiPlus Pure Collagen and Anamino Beef Protein daily has helped me soothe and repair my gut lining and manage the symptoms of this debilitating condition. I’ve also found that it helps me recover quicker from exercise sessions, particularly strength-based training.”

Dean Cowling

“I have been taking Peptiplus Collagen and Anamino Protein for 2 months now and have seen a great improvement in the condition of my hair, skin and nails. I also really enjoy the fact that they makes me feel fuller for longer and help me to stick to my eating plan – I recommend these products”

Megan Meredith